Miami Data Science Meetup Presentation Tuesday

I’ll be presenting at the Miami Data Science Meetup on Tuesday, Sept 19th: Here’s an Outline of the Presentation: I’ve been collaborating with Tim Bass on Cybersecurity and Cyberspace Situational Awareness (CSA).  And it’s been a fascinating journey through Cyberspace! ResearchGate recently featured us on their website: In this presentation, we’ll be discussing […]

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Cyberspace Situational Awareness

Cyberspace Situational Awareness Engage Thrusters

I met Tim Bass on ResearchGate, and he inspired me to do my first blog post on Cyberspace Situational Awareness (CSA):  Application for Virtualizing CyberSpace like Outer Space for CSA For years, I’ve been wanting to blog.  So, many thanks to Tim for the motivation! What is Cyberspace Situational Awareness? Cyberspace Situational Awareness is how a human […]

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