Miami Data Science Meetup Presentation Tuesday

I’ll be presenting at the Miami Data Science Meetup on Tuesday, Sept 19th:

Here’s an Outline of the Presentation:

I’ve been collaborating with Tim Bass on Cybersecurity and Cyberspace Situational Awareness (CSA).  And it’s been a fascinating journey through Cyberspace!

ResearchGate recently featured us on their website:

In this presentation, we’ll be discussing the Data Science aspects of CSA. I just completed the slide deck, and we’re covering a lot of ground!  So, it won’t be a deep dive into any of the areas.

I’m looking forward to this meetup!
– Rich

One Comment on “Miami Data Science Meetup Presentation Tuesday

  1. This presentation is so very important to the security of our country. Security flaws in the cyber world is costing our citizens businesses and government millions of dollars and threatening the infrastructure of our internet.

    Richard, I am hoping your presentation on cyber security helps create awareness to citizen and business needs in the cyber world. Wish I could of seen your presentation, but a conflict of timing on my part, good luck.

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